United States of America

The United States of America commonly known as US or America has 50 states covering a vast swath of North America. It has a total 3. Million square miles wide area with over 324 million and has immigrants from all over the world. The capital of USA is Washington, D.C. and the largest city is New York. There are other 9 major metropolitan areas which are Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Boston and San Francisco.

Study in USA

  • Some of the finest higher education prevails in U.S. especially in the field of technology. U.S. degrees are recognized worldwide.
  • S. education system has diversity of opportunities not only in class room studies but countless extracurricular activities which give a chance to the students to enhance their leadership skills and community spirit.
  • Research students’ ultimate destination is U.S. as it is the land of opportunities to do research in any field. U.S. government funds most of the research projects and many of the research students’ gets waivers for their tuition fees.
  • Most of the programs are structured in a way where-in the students are allowed to select subjects as per their interest, even from other universities.

Education System in U.S.A

  • International students have been privileged with a separate office to assist them by all the universities of U.S.
  • Students can either pursue a bachelor degree at the community college or can take up a four university/college for four years.
  • Before finalizing a specialized field, the student for the first two years has to participate in variety of subjects like literature, science, social science, arts, history etc.
  • The most popular degree MBA (Master of business administration) is a 2 years program and Master in journalism is a 1 year program.
  • A general perception of many universities is that a Master degree is a stepping stone towards earning a PhD (doctorate), however international students can directly participate for a PhD (doctorate). It may take them 5 or 6 years for completion.

Employment Opportunities

  • United States offers a lot of employment opportunities to all the international students in their relevant fields which make it “land of opportunities”.
  • International students are also provided a lot of internship programs which helps to earn working part time.
  • International students with degree in the field of healthcare, film production, real-estate, retail sector, agriculture, engineering and information technology can settle down permanently in United States under “Skilled Worker Visa”.
  • International Students in their first year of their degree have an option of working part time on campus which helps them work for the university in their relevant fields.

Visa Process for Study in United States of America

  • Counseling by our counselor.
  • Students need to provide I-20 (Admission confirmation letter) from any university/college/institute.
  • Students are supposed to pay $200 to US Department of homeland and security after achieving I-20.
  • Students need to gather documents like Passport, Academic, proof of English proficiency, financial documents etc required for visa purpose.
  • After all the documents are in place, DS-160 form needs to be filled & appointment needs to be taken from UStraveldocs at embassy by us. Students need to pay $160 as visa fees.
  • Students need to confront the interview for USA along with all the documents required. We help students to prepare for the interview.
  • Results are declared on the same day of the interview.

ITR for last 3 years is mandatory for any country.
Students have to present bank balance (1 year Tuition fees & Living expenses) in savings account.
On approval students get a 5 year visa & if refused they can apply for it again at any time.