United Kingdom.

Located at off the north western coast of mainland Europe, the United Kingdom includes Great Britain which consists of England, Wales, Scotland & northern portion of Ireland.
Sometimes UK is also referred as Britain. London is the largest city of UK and also the capital city. It is also the birth place to the famous writer “Shakespeare” & the rock band “Beatles”
The other major cities of UK are Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester.
UK is a developed country with ninth largest economy of the world.

Study in United Kingdom

In UK GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score is not an eligibility criteria for graduate courses. What you need for GPA (Grade Point Average) is reference letters & a personal statement.
Students can participate in a 3 years bachelor’s and a 1 year master transferable degree from any respected university. You don’t have to wait for too long.
In comparison to US tuition fees are much cheaper in UK, however higher education is expensive.
International students can apply for scholarships at the postgraduate and research level to manage education & living cost.

Education system in UK

Education system in UK is highly claimed as the best in the world and is respected globally by the employers.
Quality and standards of all the universities are controlled by the UK government hence students get the best of the facilities, support and education.
The UK government also publishes the list of the top universities which help students to make their choice.
Education system in the UK is based more on interactive sessions which allow students to participate and learn more.
Education system in UK embraces innovative teaching methods hence teaching in universities/colleges is a combination of practical learning, lectures and seminars.
Most of the courses provide an option for internships which allows students to gain practical knowledge and experience.
Students have the option to choose from a wide range of courses which enables students to learn and enhance skills of their interests.

Employment opportunities

UK happens to be the fifth largest economy of the world and the most powerful in Europe.
A lot of cities of UK are considered to be the International Business Hubs which attracts lot of ambitious students from various fields.
There are lots of opportunities for graduates from every sector which creates a lot of competition amongst the students; however the students with right skill sets always prevail.
There are approximately 3.45 million non UK nationals working which makes it easy for international students to be in.

Visa Process for Study in UK

  • Counseling by our counselor
  • Choosing the college/ university
  • Students have to go through an entrance exam.
  • Apply to the University of your Choice. Application fees (50 – 100 GBP)
  • On receiving confirmation from the university we will apply for visa.
  • Students have to open an account in Deutsche Bank and deposit 8,640 GBP.
  • Students have to face physical interview and pay visa fees of rupees 4900 on visa application.
  • If granted the embassy issues visa in 45 days.