Located in central Europe; Poland is divided into 16 administrative subdivisions with a total population of 38.5 million people.
Warsaw is the capital as well as the largest city of Poland. Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk & Szczecin are the other cities located in Poland.
Poland is rated highly on Human Development index and is a dynamic and democratic country.
Education System in Poland is rated very high in the entire Europe.

Study in Poland

Students choose Poland as their education destination because apart from studying they get to indulge in lot of other activities as partying, sports, music festivals, film festivals etc.
A Carnival called “Juwenalia” is organized every year by every single University where-in all the classes are cancelled so that the students get enough time to party.
Almost every single international student can find a scholarship programs launched if eligible.
The easiest way to find out about the scholarship programs is by contacting Polish embassy in your respective countries.

 Education system in Poland

In Poland the higher education institutions provides full time, part time, evening and external high quality courses. It consists of State also known as “Public” & Private known as “Non-Public” institutions.
The Higher education institutions are further divided into “University type” & “Non- University type”.
Approximately 100 higher education institutes offer programs in English language in various sectors such as medicine, engineering, humanities, business and finance.
Bachelor Degree: – Students participating in Bachelor’s degree (3-4 years) are groomed and prepared for future employment and Master’s degree in sectors like engineering, agriculture and economics.
Masters Degree: – After completing Bachelors degree students can participate in a (1.5 to 2 years) Masters Degree where-in they are groomed in creative and artistic skills along with the field they have chosen.
Doctoral Degree: – Students can participate in (3 to 4 years) doctoral degree after the completion of Masters Degree (PhD). It is awarded to students who succeed in the doctoral examinations.
Poland actively participates in Bologna Process; hence students are allowed to complete their education in any country by ECTS European Credit Transfer System).

 Employment opportunities

Graduates in the field of IT (tele-communications, computer science and logistic) Sales, Hospitality and healthcare fields find lot of employment opportunities due to shortage of Skilled trade workers in Poland.
Poland is one of the largest employment providers in BPO sectors in Europe.
Majority of the workforce of Poland finds employment in sectors like chemicals, coal mining, food processing, iron & steel, glass, machine building, ship building and textiles.

Visa Process for Study in Australia

  • Counseling by our counselor
  • Choosing the college/ university
  • Students need to have offer letter from University/College/University.
  • Gather all documents like Passport, Academics, Proof of English proficiency, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), Apostle Documents, Translated Documents and financial documents.
  • Visa application would be filled by us and a prior appointment from embassy would be taken by us.
  • Students need to pay visa fees approximately INR 6000
  • Students have to go through Visa Interview (European Countries)
  • The visas are issued in 5-6 weeks.

Financial Documents

Students have to show Bank balance (1 year Tuition Fees +Living Expense) and last 3 years ITR.