France study visa process


France (French Republic) is located at North West of Europe. The territory of France includes metropolitan France (Western Europe) & many overseas regions.
Paris being the largest city of France is also cultural & commercial centre. It is also the capital city of France.
France stretches up till 643,801 square kilometers with the total population of approximately 67 million people.
It is a dream destination for any tourist with 83 million tourists visiting France every year.

Study in France

International Students find it very exciting to study as well as explore Europe.
Most of the cities of Europe like Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona, London & Milan are easily accessible from France.
Every year Students from India have preferred & chosen to pursue their education in France, hence the maximum courses are taught in English.
There are lot of athletic, cultural & tourist activities in France which makes it the most visited country in the world.
Universities, Colleges and higher education Institutes are located mostly in the city centers which allow students easy access to museums, libraries, cinema theatres and café’s.

Education system in France

The education system in France is of the highest standards and is being taken very seriously by the people which allow them to offer highest educational standards to the students.
France has the world class Universities, Colleges and Institutions offering the programs of highest quality, hence attracts lot of international students opting to study in France.
Apart from the bachelors degree France has lot of programs to offer to anyone who is interested.

Employment opportunities

France offers lot of employment opportunities to students who have participated and achieved the Bachelors, Masters, 5 years course categorized as Level I by CGE (Conference of Grandes ecoles) or Professional License.
France also provides residence right to students by applying for temporary residence authorizations valid for 12 months beyond residency permit.
Students are allowed to work in the areas of courses applied by the authorizations. Students are also allowed to start their own company relevant to their courses after completion.

 Visa Process for Study in France

  • Counseling by our counselor
  • Choosing the college/ university
  • Admission confirmation from University/college/Institute.
  • Gather all documents like Passport, Academics, proof of language proficiency, PCC, Apostle Documents, Translated documents and financial documents.
  • Visa application would be filled by us and a prior appointment from embassy would be taken by us.
  • Visa fees of approximately INR 6000 needs to be paid.
  • Students have to go through Visa Interview of European Countries.
  • After the documents have been submitted the visas are granted in around 5-6 weeks.

Financial Documents

Bank balance (1 year Tuition Fees + Living Expense) and last 3 years ITR.